Friday Sept. 14, 2018 (6:00pm-10:00pm)
Saturday Sept. 15, 2018 (10:00am - 6:00pm)
144 East Margaret Lane, Hillsborough NC 27278

Vendor Applications

We appreciate your interest in this years Hog Day Festival.  As Orange County's oldest and largest festival for 35 years we are glad to have you involved.  Below are options for vendors at this years festival.  Thanks again for your interest!

Fee Schedule

Exhibitor Type   Saturday Only Friday & Saturday

Tax Status

Informational   65 115 Non-profit
Food Sales   100 150 Non-profit
Food Sales   150 200 For-profit
Handcrafter   100 150 For-profit
Commercial Noncrafter   115 165 For-profit

Link to Online Registration Application    

For 2018 Hog Day has implemented an Online Registrant process that enables instant registration and storage of exhibitor records in our database. Hog Day is currently working with online payment providers to provide turnkey registration and payment. At this time exhibitors can register online and send payment via US Mail. Exhibitors registering online are considered registered for the event. If payment is not received by August 25, 2018 the exhibitor shall be removed from the Registrant Database of record.
Note: Neither the Hog Day Committee nor the Optimist Club of Orange County share Exhibitor information with any other business or person. 

Downloadable forms for return via US Mail   

Note that applications sent through the US Mail will become officially registered when both the form and payment is received AND the application is filed in the Registrant Database by Hog Day personnel. The applicant will receive email confirmation if address is provided.

Cooking Team Application Food Vendor Application Handcrafter Application Commercial Non-Handcrafter Application Non-profit Application